About the PRC

The Pineapple Racing Club is a sim racing community dedicated to building a friendly and competitive environment for all skill levels.

We are open to all experience levels. As long as you can run (or attempt to run) a clean race and have some laughs, you're exactly who we're looking for.

Please note the following details:

  • Servers are run for PC.
  • Our dedicated server is located in Virginia, East Coast US. (With good ping to the EU, confirmed by drivers from the UK, Poland, Finland, etc.)
  • Custom liveries are absolutely supported! The details for submission and distribution of custom liveries can be found in our Discord.

As a group, our priorities are to:
  • Run clean races
  • Build a group that enjoys racing together on a regular basis.
  • Have fun and enjoy ourselves, maybe meet some new friends!

If you are interested, further details for entry can be found on Discord.